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Rejoint Therapy

Surecell’s unique REJOINT treatment is PRP (platelet rich plasma) enriched with your adipose stem cells (MSC). This powerful mixture has been activated and subsequently injected into the damaged area. Your REJOINT treatment consists of 3 injections, each 2 to 3 weeks apart, followed by a ” injection about 6 weeks following the third, but this is subject to each individual case. Following the injection of this activated mixture of platelets and stemcells into your damaged joint, lesion or bursa, a high level of growth factors will be released along with cytokines and other messengers. The first injection initiates the healing process and the activated stemcells present will continue the release of the healing factors for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, part of the healing involves inflammation causing extra pain, especially after the first injection. You will also feel fullat the treatment site. This inflammation usually subsides after a few days but may reoccur after the 2and eventually even the ” injection. The fat biopsy done at your first day of the treatment, while minimally invasive, may cause some bruising which will be gone within a few days. Most of our patients experience significant improvement after the 3 rd treatment (some even before). Your pretreatment pain levels should reduce by at least 60% following the injection and you may even expect a reduction by 80% following the last injection. During the first two weeks of the treatment period please abstain from hard or excessive exercises. Swimming and water exercises or short aerobic courses would be ideal.

– Avoid alcohol during the treatment period.
– Avoid sugar and processed foods for 3 days to reduce any significant onset of inflammation.
– Avoid the use of anti-inflammatory medication.
– Use a cold pack to reduce inflammation and pain.
– Take a prescribed pain killer if required.

Recommended foods during treatment:
– Vegetables, fruit juice (no sugar added), green apples, young mango, rose apple, fish, chicken lean meats.
– NOT recommended during treatment: Alcohol, smoking, coffee, tea, sugary drinks, bread, pasta, rice, sweetened foods.