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Jayoti Mukherjee

Jayoti Mukherjee

MSc (Food and Nutrition, DU) - BSc (Food and Nutrition, DU)

Consultant, Diet & Nutrition

Ms. Jayoti Mukherjee has accumulated over nine years (since 2010) of professional experience
as a healthcare/nutrition professional. Serving patients to overcome obesity, malnutrition, skin
and hair related problems and other wellness and beauty related problems. She is constantly on a
look to explore new avenues to help patients in a tailored way keeping patient’s need in mind,
disability, previous/personal history, likings, disliking and other idiosyncrasies.

She has done her M.Sc & B.Sc from Dhaka University and got certificates of excellence from
many organizations. She has worked for Dhaka Medical College, Lab-aid hospital and other
well-known international health and wellness firms such as VLCC Healthcare, Vibes Healthcare
and currently serving her stint at Surecell Medical.

Over the years, she has attended many wellness and weight management related training,
seminars in Chennai, Kolkata etc. She specially worked for autistic children, pregnant mothers,
disease specific nutrition etc. She tries to keep herself updated on her field and writes wellness
related newsletters, journals etc.