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Surecell Medical introduces HIFU

Surecell Medical (BD) Ltd, a leading health care service provider of Bangladesh, maintains high standard facility and delivers best facilities to the clients. They have recently introduced High Intensity focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Service which is used as treatment for healthy and perfect skin.

Healthy tips for autumn

season is over and we all are enjoying the arrival of ‘beloved Autumn’. To enjoy the season, we need to take care of our skin, beauty and health. Eat autumn friendly food During this lovely autumn, eat skin-saving meals rich in protein and good fat. Vegetables, fish, nuts, home-made sour yoghurt, cottage cheese, beans, quinoa, eggs are loaded with DHA, selenium, probiotics and many more micronutrients to stay healthy. Your skin will have the constant benefits and you will feel the difference.

Surecell the work leader in stem cell and PA-PRP

We Surecell Medical team have designed promising therapies with stem cells and growth factor to ensure your optimal beauty. We use your own stem cells as they are safer and more effective, that contribute to the body’s ability to renew and repair its tissues. Natural anti- aging solution Stem cell is completely different concept to current mainstream aesthetic treatment such as synthetic fillers, Botulinum toxin

Selenium promises to hold your beauty

A little bit of selenium goes a long way toward protecting your health. Selenium is a trace mineral, which means we need a small amounts of it. However our body is able to flush selenium out of your system somewhat quickly since it plays an actionable role in many important body functions, therefore it’s important to consume it. This essential mineral found in varying concentrations in soil, in water. The amount of selenium in food often depends on the selenium

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Injuries and Arthritis

Utilizing your own stem cells to help the healing process of injured or degenerated joints. The human body is made of billions of specialized cells that form specific organs like the brain, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and bone. Each day these cells go through a degenerative and regenerative process. As older cells die, new cells are born from stem cells with the unique capability of being able to

Meniscus Tear PRP and Stem Cell therapy tackles it without surgery

What is Meniscus? The Meniscus is both the shock absorber of the Knee Joint and the spacer that protects the cartilage which cover top of the femur and tibia bone. It does this by distributing the force equally across the joint. The meniscus is made of living fibrocartilage tissues. Each Knee has two meniscus, a medial and a lateral menisci.

Bangladesh enters PRP and stemcell therapy age

Dr. Peter Lewis, Founder of Surecell International and also the Introducer of Regenerative Medicine in Bangladesh recently visited Surecell Medical [BD] Ltd to conduct Health Awareness Seminar about Regenerative Medicine called PRP & Stemcell. He conducted two health awareness seminars in two renowned clubs of Dhaka named: Dhaka Club Ltd. & Uttara Club Ltd. The aim of this seminars was to make people aware about the new era of medical science named: Regenerative Medicine.

Parents’ guide to newborn skin care

Babies are born with very gentle and fragile skin. New parents are often concerned about their baby’s skin, which is not surprising. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and s/he may probably develop rashes and allergies if proper skin care is not practiced. Baby’s skin is 10 times thinner than that of adult skin, it needs special care and pamper throughout the first year of life.

Detox for a healthy life

Detoxifying body means total body regeneration. Detoxification amazingly improves your immune system, energy level, complexion and texture of skin, weight loss, mental alertness