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Xcell Therapy

XCell therapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses blood-derived stem cells to promote healing. It can treat many illnesses and enhance appearance and wellbeing.The stem cells are harvested from a vein, similar to donating blood. After being processed in the lab, the isolated and activated stem cells can be injected intravenously or into a site of injury. As XCell therapy uses only your own blood stem cells, there is minimal risk of allergic or foreign-body reactions.

XCell therapy releases concentrated and activated stem cells that induce healing and promote regeneration. When these cells are injected into your bloodstream, they exhibit a homing capacity which means that they travel to where they are needed.

What can be treated:

− Osteoarthritis
− Muscle and tendon injuries
− Back and neck pain
− Autoimmune conditions
− Systemic diseases
− Neurological conditions
− Cosmetic (hair, face)
− Sexual dysfunction and enhancement
− Gynecological conditions