Sports Injury

PRP therapy in sports injury

Injured tendon and ligaments heal by scaring. This affects their strength and hence increase the risk of reinjury. Also because tendons do not have a good blood supply. They tend to heal slower than other soft tissues. PRP focus on restoring normal tissue composition and avoiding further degeneration. PRP is one of a wide range of new treatments, including hyper baric therapy, being used by elite athletes to recover from career slowing injuries. This blood therapy used by golfer Tiger woods, tennis player Rafael Nadal, basketball player Kobe Bryant.


Prolotherapy triggers the body’s own healing response by irritating healthy tissue and creating a local inflammatory response after injection of hypertonic dextrose. This prompts yours body to naturally heal damaged tissues by releasing natural growth factor in the injured tissue. The first stage of healing takes about a week and peaks at 4-6 weeks post injection.

Prolotherapy is effective in treating sprain injuries, muscle strain, repetitive stains injuries, back and neck pain. Patients are recommended to discontinue anti-inflammatory medication during the course of treatment.


  • Dr. A K M Mohiuddin

    MBBS, MS (Ortho.)
    Consultant, Orthopedics & Regenerative Medicine Trained on Orthopedic Stem Cell And PA-PRP (Australia, Thailand)

  • Dr. Iqram A. Rahman

    Consultant, Orthopedic Associate Professor (Ex), Department of Orthopedics Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka

  • Dr. Evan Chowdhury

    Medical Officer