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Md. Moniruzzaman Khan, PT

Md. Moniruzzaman Khan, PT

BPT (NITOR-DU), MPS-DU, PGD-Sports Science (BKSP)

Consultant, Physiotherapy Pain, Disability, Sports Injury Rehabilitation Expert Ex-Consultant, National Hockey Team, Bangladesh. Ex-RO, CRP

Md. Moniruzzaman Khan is a Physiotherapy Consultant, Biomechanist. He has expertise in
Demography, ergonomics & research also.

He has been consistently working in diversified Clinical settings, National & International level
Sports arena etc. for last 09 years. To build up the awareness among corporate workers, now
he has a great interest to talk about the most common musculo-skeletal health issues in
corporate sectors i.e. Text Neck, Headache, Low Back Pain, Mobile Thumb, Obesity and Office
Ergonomics etc.

He worked in Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP), National Hockey Team,
domestic Cricket leagues and so on. Currently he’s available at Surecell Medical Bangladesh as
a Consultant.

Moreover, he has been treating patients with various Musculo-skeletal disorders (Headache,
Neck pain, shoulder pain, Low Back Pain, Strains, sprains, Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow), Sports
Injuries, neurological conditions (Stroke) etc.